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Grove Timeline

October 2020

Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride day was held virtually, with our participation.

New Orleans entered Phase 3 of safe reopening, however state and city Covid-19 status is subject to change. Go to NOLA Ready for current information, and here for specific social distancing required.  We plan to hold a Samhain ritual outside with masks and social distancing.

June 15, 2020

Update: NOLA has entered Phase 2- Safer at Home. Many restrictions remain in place, and gatherings need permits. The range of pre-existing conditions of concern is broad now (for instance covering at least 2/3s of our members). LA cases also appear to be increasing.

We are continuing with no in-person meetings. Check here or on for any remote activities we come up with.

Thanks for the discussion in tonight’s grove video meeting on the civil unrest in the country…

Since the middle of May there are still significant city restrictions and disease resurgence concerns. This includes restrictions on meeting outside in groups, and on churches (like where we were starting to have workshops). We plan to have remote video conferencing for Grove events for the near future.

Go here for current opening status:


The Louisiana death rate in those 70 years + is now at 19.6%. Black people make up about 33% of our state population, but their current death rate is 59.29%. We’re still in the midst of this- let’s keep on protecting each other.

April 2

Some advice:

• The weather has been beautiful. We have found being outside (for us gardening) has helped with stress.
• Step back from some of the bad behavior on social media. (Including from other Druids.)
• Save your energy for each other, your families, and neighbors. Check on your remote families regularly!
• It’s turning out that adults of all ages are getting this disease, and there are many more medical conditions (such as smoking or advanced pregnancy) that can put you at risk for severe disease. Be good to your bodies (keep a schedule, eat right, get sleep, exercise) to keep your immune system strong.
• Find time to do an activity that is for you- reading, music, crafting, whatever.
• Look to your guides, ancestors, gods, and spirits of place. Deepen your relationships with them.

Covid-19 Info March 16, 2020
 I compiled this Covid-19 disease information for use by family and wanted to share it with others, especially for those of us in the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area. I retired from a public health career, and used those skills to find curr…