A Triad for the Times

Dear Ones,

We trust you are doing well and staying healthy during the extended health challenge we find ourselves in with Covid-19. People the world over are hoping conditions will improve so we can get back to our social lives and meet in person again.

During this time, the United States also finds itself in a period of grief and anger over the recent senseless killings of Black men and women by those entrusted with our safety. The demonstrations against the racist oppression of African Americans and other minorities harkens back to earlier times. Déjà vu (sigh).

However, in this cycle there are more demonstrations nationally, and what appears to be a new understanding and awareness of white privilege and the systems that support it. These challenging conversations are happening in families, neighborhoods, and in our Druid communities. It was the main topic in our video grove meeting this week.

Here is a triad for where we find ourselves now –

I am born in love and bring change

You are my brothers and sisters

We are alive in this time and place together for a reason

We can respect others as we listen and grow, and it is a simple gift to protect others’ health by wearing masks.

May the green woods, changing skies, and still waters bless you.

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